SFPA is proud to announce the winners of its 2018 Student Scholarship Essay Contest.  We had the most entries in recent years and the quality of the entries was impressive -- a good indicator of what our local colleges are producing.  Good luck in the future to all those that participated.  

Congratulations to our winners:

First Place - Jessica Mendez, $1000.00 (The Law Center at Miami Dade College, Paralegal Studies Program)

Second Place - Susana Hernandez, $500.00 (FAU Paralegal Program)



The South Florida Paralegal Association (SFPA) is accepting entries for its annual student scholarship: First prize is $1,000.00 and second prize is $500.00. You must be currently enrolled in a 2018/2019 Paralegal/Legal Studies Program to participate. Award checks will be made payable to your school for your benefit. Each winner will also receive a free, one-year SFPA student membership plus a special invitation to our holiday party to be personally presented with the award.

The deadline for submission is Thursday, December 6, 2018 by midnight (EST). Submit via email to You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Please refer to “General Instructions” for specific details. No access to Westlaw or Lexis required. All necessary information is available online.

General Instructions

  • Entry should not be longer than three pages maximum. Please, no handwritten submissions.
  • You must submit your entry as an attachment to an email with subject line: SFPA 2018 Scholarship Entry.  Email to:
  • The attachment must not contain any personal identifying information; it must simply be your entry. On your essay, refer to yourself as Paralegal or some generic variation thereof.
  • In the body of the email and not on your attached entry, please be sure to include the following:

1. Your full name, mailing address, phone number, and email address;

2. Name of program and school of enrollment; and

3. Name of program director or your advisor with best contact phone number and email address.

Please save the date of Wednesday, December 12. If you win, we ask that you attend our Holiday Party to be held at Ball & Chain in Little Havana where we will present you the award (your presence is not required to win).


Florida is at it again.  The Florida Supreme Court recently ruled on the procedural rules governing expert witnesses and opinions. Please read Delisle v. Crane, (Fla. 2018). Research the “Frye Standard” and the “Daubert Standard”.  And write an essay answering the following points:

1) Please give a brief description of the Daubert Standard and make sure to cite the Supreme Court case.

2) Please give a brief description of the Frye Standard and make sure to cite the Supreme Court Case.

3) Which standard are the Federal Courts using?

4) Which standard will Florida Courts most likely be using?

5) Cite the section of the Florida Constitution that gives the judiciary, and not the legislature, the rule-making power to set the procedural rules of evidence.

Please contact Arturo Rodriguez, CP, at 305-579-7859 or with any questions

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